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9 things you did not know you could do with Imazecoupon
Coupon code generator
4th of July marketing campaign ideas
Online scratch card platform
Barcodes format imports onto digital Coupon
Success marketing campaign
Marketing campaign ideas
Unique marketing ideas
Interactive marketing examples
Online marketing for restaurants
Marketing ideas for restaurants
Automated birthday SMS marketing program
5 digital campaign ideas for Thanksgiving - Black Friday
4 digital campaign ideas during Easter
Digital campaign ideas during Christmas
5 mobile marketing campaign ideas for retail on Valentine's day
5 Mothers Day Marketing campaign ideas
5 Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for your restaurant
Uefa Euro 2021: interactive marketing games campaign ideas
Digital coupon software for hospitality businesses
Digital scratch cards to improve your restaurant's image and raise conversions
Digital coupon marketing strategies to boost your local restaurant's revenue
How to boost local restaurant marketing with digital coupons
Digital coupons to publish on your restaurant's website and app
Online marketing for restaurants ideas
How to make coupons for your business?
Digital coupons to improve your restaurant's brand recognition
Raise your restaurant its reputation with interactive digital coupons
How to make a coupon book?
White label digital coupon software to enrich your restaurant or restaurant marketing agency
How to use Gamification in Mobile Marketing to reach multiple business goals
Gamification Platform to create Interactive Marketing Games without coding
7 Gamification strategies & techniques to implement in your businesses' interactive marketing.
10 marketing gamification examples you will not forget
Digital coupon marketing strategies for restaurants
White label coupon marketing solutions and software
How can digital scratch cards be useful for the retail industry?
Digital scratch cards to gamify restaurant marketing
Virtual scratch off card generator
Imazecoupon active in 85th country!
White label mobile marketing platform to support local businesses with digital promotions and coupons
Digital Restaurant Marketing Software by Imazecoupon
How to calculate ROI (Return on investment) in digital marketing campaigns
Main advantages of Mobile Wallet proof digital campaigns for businesses
Promotion management software to improve your mobile marketing
Mobile marketing campaigns with accurate return on investment (ROI) overview
Digital Voucher Creator Software for Mobile Marketing campaigns
Digital Coupon marketing trends in 2021
Digital coupon campaigns distributed with SMS / text messaging marketing
Imazecoupon & Zapier: Automation for digital marketing campaigns made easy!
Send Digital Coupons via SMS on Black Friday
Wallet push notifications
How to set up an effective Black Friday digital coupon marketing campaign
Covid-19 proof Coupon Marketing Campaigns for restaurants
Imazecoupon Affiliate Program
5 tips to guarantee fraud-proof, single-use digital coupon campaigns.
Offer a phygital customer experience in-store with digital coupons
Mobile Coupon Directory for your restaurant
Imazecoupon 2020, updates and improved features
Digital gamified discount coupons for restaurants
Important updates about the Brazilian LGPD (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados) for mobile marketing in Brazil
Imazecoupon helps food distribution in Zimbabwe
Recent platform updates
How a Chamber of Commerce can help local merchants with Digital Coupon solutions after the lockdown
3 ways to generate restaurant visits with Mobile Marketing
How to kickstart a digital customer loyalty app for restaurants.
Automated Digital Customer Care Vouchers for Restaurants
Improve the customer's experience in your restaurant
4 issues every restaurant comes across
Generate store traffic with digital discounts when reopening after lockdown.
Revive your city tourism with digital coupons
Digital payment vouchers to the rescue!
Tips for restaurants to boost turnover during and after the corona lock-down
Digital voucher solutions for restaurants in lockdown
Brand-new coupon builder!
MWC 2020 cancelled due Coronavirus
Platform Updates!
New year, go mobile.
Mobile World Congress 2020
Upcoming Mobile Coupon trends
Digital gamified Coupons to trigger conversions
Mobile Wallet Marketing to increase personalization
A mobile marketing kiosk and its usage
Vouchers with Payment Integration
Recycle Campaign with Coca Cola
5 ways to securely validate Mobile Coupons
New Resellers!
Nominated for IAB MIXX Awards
5 tools to improve the in-store customer experience
Your homemade digital Black Friday coupons in 4 steps
How to prevent Mobile Coupon fraud and Coupon abuse
Digital Loyalty Cards vs Physical Loyalty Cards
Meet us at the BAM Congress
6 Reasons to use WhatsApp in your existing MarCom strategy
Updated SMS Software
5 digital tools to collect customer data
Boost completed surveys by rewarding customer feedback
10 reasons why Imazecoupon is your preferred partner for mobile couponing
White Label or Private Label, what’s the difference?
Loyalty cards, mobile wallet integration
Digital Customer Care to assure loyalty
Gamification, the ultimate call to action?
A Mobile Coupon Directory for your City Marketing
What a Mobile Coupon Book is relevant for
6 Reasons why White Label Coupon Software is vital for a Marketing Agency
7 Tips for Successful Mobile Casino Marketing
Why create a mobile coupon app for your newspaper, magazine or coupon book?
Community-centric Fan Engagement
Rewarding Fan Engagement with Mobile Coupons
Imazecoupon released a new Exit Intent Coupon Pop-up integration that also supports GAMIFIED pop-ups!
How to connect and send digital coupons from your Salesforce CRM
How to send unique single use (gamified) mobile coupons with Mailchimp and Imazecoupon?
How GDPR Influence Mobile Marketing – An Introduction
What is Facebook Messenger Marketing? How to Use Chatbots to Boost Sales
Five Effective Wifi Marketing Strategies for Turning Visitors into Customers
What is Phygital Marketing? And How Will it Help Your Business?
How to Use Beacon Triggered Marketing to Boost In-Store Sales
Why proximity marketing is the next big thing for retailers and small businesses
Top 10 Features To Look For in Mobile Marketing Software:
Best Marketing Automation Tool: How to Use Digital Coupons to Grow Your Business
Apple Revises Its Guidelines On Templated Apps
How to use Facebook Messenger Marketing for loyalty and couponing?
How to use Progressive Web Apps (PWA) for Loyalty and Coupon Marketing?
Optimize your marketing budget with omni-channel campaigns
The value of print media marketing
Create digital coupons for optimal results
Coupons with barcodes are ideal for tracking sales
Coupon validation is very important
The POS system is ideal for business
The best SMS marketing strategies
How to distribute your Amazon coupons with Imazecoupon
How to create a single-use coupon code for your Amazon product
A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up A Promotion for Your Amazon Page
Mobile Fundraising is effective
Digital First 2017
5 social media tips to help you with your own strategy
Wi-Fi based marketing
A step-by-step guide in developing your first mobile application
How to distribute Secure Digital Vouchers?
Mobile coupons carry on the role of print coupons in today's digital world
Why mobile coupons have a much higher redemption rate than traditional coupons
What are gamified mobile promotions?
Why brand marketers need to start with mobile marketing
How to develop a mobile marketing strategy for monetizing Pokemon GO
Apple passbook supports EAN 128 (Code128) 1D barcodes from IOS9
How to use Imazecoupon digital coupons in combination with your WooCommerce webshop for Wordpress
10 different digital coupon redemption barcode formats
Create an Apple Passbook coupon with iBeacon support video
How to use beacons together with mobile coupons
What is mobile engagement?
Why do restaurants need to host a free Wi-Fi hotspot?
White label coupon builder
7 mobile couponing trends
Mobile coupons and Apple's passbook integration
Improved payment system
Integrated translation tool
Digital Couponing Trends
Whitelabel coupon software platform
Mobile technology trends 2015
WiFi marketing coupons
Coupon distribution made easy!
Add gamification to your marketing strategy plan
Mobile coupon redemption rates
In-app coupon integration
Coupon redemption software - easy to use, convenient to redeem
iBeacons, changing the future of shopping
Flexible reset times for mobile coupons
Mobile coupon POS integration solutions
How to use iBeacons for mobile marketing
Location based marketing & mobile coupons
Mobile coupon distribution
QR Codes - Decoding Great Savings
SMS Couponing - Send coupons by SMS/TEXTING
Mobile coupon api integration
Customer Stories
Digital Payment Vouchers
Digital Coupons for Loyalty
Hotel Coupon Marketing
Digital Coupons to boost customer experience
In-store digital coupons
Gamification in recruitment
Digital Coupon Catalog
Digital Fast Food Coupons
Holiday Coupons
Customer Care Vouchers
Digital Scratch Cards
PepsiCo & Round Table Pizza
Vouchers for food distribution
Restaurant Coupon Marketing
Coupons to reward Loyalty
Burger King Cyprus
Digital Coupons to trigger visits
Digital Loyalty Program
Phygital Marketing campaign
Secure Birthday Coupons
Digital Customer Care
Melvita - Durable Coupons
Dave & Buster's
Zain Bahrain - Gamification
Ecco In-store Gamification
Digital Voucher Validation
Shopping Center Gamification
McDonald's Customer Care
Shell Motor Oils Kenya
Coca Cola - Recycle
Coca Cola The Netherlands
Lidl - Mother's Day
Digital Spin Wheel Campaign
Washington Redskins
Email Coupon Campaign
Coupons in Newsapp
Coca Cola's BOGO-campaign
Bottega Verde Italy
Essilor The Netherlands
Zain Bahrain - Custom game
Digicel Caribbean
KFC & Pizza Hut Honduras
Yellowpages Singapore
Dalle Valle App
Mobile Surveys GFK
Mobile City Marketing
Phygital Marketing Case
Boizao Grill Restaurant, Brazil
Essilors' Influencers
Branson Saver - Coupon App
Gamification for Data?
Thomson Reuters
Dealcity Kenya
Tabloid & Digital Scratch Off
Sessibon - Fashion Coupons
Belfius Hockey League
Elite Shoppers Club
Mobile Coupon Portal
Royal Resorts Mexico
Djeans Jeans Store
Supercupon Costa Rica
Airport Parking Service
Sewerd Alaska Savings
Other languages
Digitale kraskaarten om restaurantmarketing te verbeteren
Virtuele kraskaart generator
Imazecoupon actief in 85ste land!
De digitale restaurant marketingsoftware van Imazecoupon
Hoe bereken je de ROI (Return on Investment) in digitale marketingcampagnes?
Hoe zet je een effectieve Black Friday digitale coupon marketingcampagne op?
Covid-19-proof coupon marketingcampagnes voor restaurants
Mobiele coupon directory voor jouw restaurant
Digitale gamified kortingscoupons voor restaurants
3 manieren om meer klanten in je restaurant te krijgen met mobile marketing
Hoe start je een digitale customer loyalty app op voor restaurants?
Geautomatiseerde customer care vouchers voor restaurants
Verbeter de klantervaring in je restaurant
4 problemen die elk restaurant tegenkomt
Trek klanten aan met digitale kortingen bij de heropening na de lockdown.
Digitale coupons om stadsmarketing te boosten
Tips voor restaurants om de omzet te verhogen tijdens en na de corona lockdown
Hoe digitale cadeaubonnen en vouchers jouw bedrijf helpen tijdens de lockdown
Opkomende mobiele coupon trends
Vouchers met betalingsintegratie
5 manieren om mobiele coupons veilig te valideren
Digitale klantenkaarten vs. fysieke klantenkaarten
5 digitale tools om customer data te verzamelen
Klantenkaarten, Mobile Wallet integratie
Digitale klantenzorg / customer care om klantenloyaliteit te verzekeren
Vijf effectieve Wi-Fi marketingstrategieën om bezoekers om te toveren tot klanten
Wat is phygital marketing? En hoe kan dit van toepassing zijn op je bedrijf?
Maak digitale coupons voor optimale resultaten
Hoe Imazecoupon digitale coupons gebruiken in combinatie met uw WooCommerce webshop voor Wordpress
Waarom moeten restaurants een gratis Wi-Fi hotspot hebben?
Mobiele coupons en Apple's passbook integration
White label coupon software platform
Software voor het inwisselen van coupons - gemakkelijk te gebruiken, handig om in te wisselen
Sms-couponing - verzend coupons met behulp van sms
Mobiele coupon API-integratie

Comment les cartes à gratter peuvent-elles aider et bénéficier à votre restaurant ?
Générateur de cartes à gratter virtuelles
Comment calculer le ROI (retour sur investissement) des campagnes de marketing numérique ?
Comment mettre en place une campagne marketing de coupons numériques efficace pour le Black Friday
Campagnes de marketing de couponing pour les restaurants en réponse au Covid-19
Catalogue de coupons mobiles pour votre restaurant
Des bons numériques ludifiés pour déclencher les conversions
Générer du trafic en boutique avec des remises numériques lors de la réouverture après le confinement.
Relancez votre tourisme urbain avec des coupons numériques
Comment les cartes et chèques-cadeaux numériques aident votre entreprise pendant le confinement lié au coronavirus.
Tendances à venir des coupons mobiles
Bons avec intégration des paiements
5 façons de valider en toute sécurité les coupons mobiles
Cartes de fidélité numériques et cartes de fidélité physiques
5 outils numériques pour la collecte de données clients
Cartes de fidélité, intégration de portefeuilles mobiles
Un service clientèle numérique pour garantir la fidélité
À quoi sert un carnet de coupons mobile
Cinq stratégies de marketing Wi-Fi efficaces pour transformer les visiteurs en clients
Qu'est-ce que le marketing phygital ? Et comment cela va-t-il aider votre entreprise ?
Créer des coupons numériques pour un résultat optimal
Comment utiliser les coupons numériques Imazecoupon en combinaison avec votre boutique en ligne WooCommerce pour Wordpress
Les coupons mobiles et l'intégration d'Apple Passbook
Plateforme logicielle de coupon en marque blanche
Logiciel d’échange de coupons - facile à utiliser, échange pratique
Couponing par SMS - Envoyer des coupons par SMS/TEXTO
Intégration de l’API de coupon mobile

Como raspar os cartões pode ajudar e beneficiar seu restaurante?
Gerador de raspadinha virtual
Como calcular o ROI (Retorno sobre o investimento) em campanhas de marketing digital
Como montar uma campanha eficaz de marketing de cupons digitais para a Black Friday
Campanhas de marketing de cupons à prova Covid-19 para restaurantes
Diretório de cupons digitais para seu restaurante
Cupons digitais gamificados para disparar conversões
Gere tráfego de loja com descontos digitais ao reabrir após o lockdown
Reanime o turismo de sua cidade com cupons digitais
Como vales-presente e vouchers digitais ajudam seu negócio durante o lockdown do coronavírus
Tendências dos cupons digitais para 2020
Vouchers com integração de pagamento
5 maneiras de validar cupons digitais com segurança
Cartões de fidelidade digitais versus cartões de fidelidade físicos
5 ferramentas de marketing digital para coletar dados de clientes
Cartões de fidelidade, integração de carteiras móveis
Atendimento ao cliente digital para garantir a fidelidade
Para que é relevante um catálogo de cupons digitais
Cinco estratégias eficazes de Marketing Wi-Fi para transformar visitantes em clientes
O que é Marketing Figital? E como ele vai ajudar seu negócio?
Crie cupons digitais para ótimos resultados
Como usar os cupons digitais Imazecoupon em combinação com sua webshop WooCommerce para Wordpress
Cupons digitais e integração com o Passbook da Apple
Plataforma de software de cupons “white label”
Software de resgate de cupons - fácil de usar, conveniente para resgatar
Cupons SMS - Envie cupons por SMS / mensagens de texto
API de integração de cupons digitais

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