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Marketing campaign ideas Marketing campaign ideas

Marketing campaign ideas

More and more restaurants show interest in doing restaurant marketing today. Restaurant marketing is essential to let customers choose your restaurant instead of the restaurant across you. In this blog, I will give your restaurant a few marketing campaign ideas that can be used in every single restaurant.

  1. Digital Coupons
    (paper) coupons are considered great traffic generators and conversion stimulators. That's no different for digital coupons. However, the digital counterpart has way more advantages in-store. Such as the option to capture data, track ROI, set up marketing automation, and reveal your users' behavior. It's always recommendable to first think through your campaign angle before determining the value of your discount coupon. It's vital for your campaign's success.
  • To store
    If you're using digital coupons as a traffic generator, you should keep in mind to always include a deal that's valuable for the customer. If it isn't, the customer feels that it isn't worth it to make an effort to visit your business. If you neglect this, your campaign can be less effective than expected. 

    How can I distribute my coupons?
    Through all imaginable digital channels such as email, SMS, websites, website popups apps, social media.
    • E-mail
      Thanks to our built-in email marketing tool, you can easily send out your single-use digital coupons by email to your audience. Easily import existing CSV contact lists, add your coupon and send out! Another approach is that you utilize our ready-to-use code scripts to send out coupons by mail via your own mailing software such as Mailchimp.
    • SMS
      Built-in SMS software tool so you can effortlessly send out personalized bulk messages with single-use digital coupons embedded to your audience. Import your contacts, embed your coupon URL, and send out!
    • Website integration / Apps
      A website is a default these days, so why don't you include it for promoting your coupons. Perfect to refer to your coupon on your website when launching an omnichannel campaign. It gives you the possibility to provide the user more information.
    • Website pop-ups
      You can compare this with the website integration I mentioned earlier, except those pop-ups are way more interactive. In addition, those website pop-ups can be triggered after a certain action, such as a timer, a scroll intent, or an exit intent. Perfect to convince people who are about to leave your website to take action.
    • Social Media
      The Coupontools software provides a built-in distribution option to publish your coupons on various social media channels.

  • In-store
    Compared to the traffic generator, this deal could be less valuable. People are already in your store, so they don't need to make an effort to visit your store. Provide them a unique gamified coupon and the chance to win a small discount. If you limit the discount in time, you'll notice that the immediate coupon redemptions massively increase. Furthermore, you can capture the money spent value for every redeemed coupon. It's a great tool to raise the money spent value per visit.

    How can I distribute my coupons in-store?
    • Mobile Marketing Kiosk
      Set up a mobile marketing kiosk in your store. People can voluntarily register themselves and send themselves their latest coupon.
    • Wifi
      If people connect with your wifi network, they'll be immediately redirected to a digital (gamified) coupon you connected to your rooter. 
    • QR codes
      Set up QR codes in your store to have people scan them to participate in your digital coupon voluntarily.


  1. Gamified Coupons & Types Digital Spin Wheel, Scratch & Win, and Slot Machine Coupon.
    Apart from traditional digital coupons, Coupontools also provides various game coupon formats. What's special about it? People love games and especially the chance to win prizes. So instead of simply giving them discounts, let them win one. Great for stimulating customer engagement, brand awareness but also boosting sales and conversions. Win-win, isn't it? Experience our gamified coupon formats yourself!

  1. Payment Vouchers & Gift Cards
    Another popular marketing campaign types are gift cards or payment vouchers. 
  • Gift card
    Design wonderful gift cards customers can purchase to gift to friends or family. People first complete the purchase while receiving the proof of payment (the actual voucher's worth) in return. It is possible to, for example, require a $20 payment while giving a $30 voucher in return.
  • Payment Voucher
    Same principle as the Gift Card. What's different? People first complete the purchase while they get a discount coupon in return. Great approach for issuing a great discount but require payments in advance.

Looking for more information about Vouchers? Navigate to this web page!

  1. Share to redeem
    This is what I call a 'free campaign exposure approach.' You basically send out the coupon to your audience. When they open your coupon, they'll first need to share your coupon on their social media profile before they can benefit from the actual discount. It's a precious approach in terms of the possibility of going viral. It's free, has a great reach, and your customers are basically doing the work for you. Another fact is that when people stumble on a shared coupon from one of their friends, it's way more tempting and convincing than when you're simply sharing and posting it yourself.

    Coupontools Digital Loyalty Card, Spin Wheel Coupon, and Digital Payment Voucher in a smartphone. Coupontools Digital Loyalty Card, Spin Wheel Coupon, and Digital Payment Voucher in a smartphone.

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  2. Coupon Directory Marketing campaign ideas
    A coupon directory can be seen as a campaign but also as a distribution method. Why? Because it's basically a digital catalog that can hold all your digital coupons, game coupons, and voucher campaigns in one place. It can be rebranded, accept payments, require user registration,.. it has loads of benefits. So what's the greatest benefit? You can rapidly add or delete deals, and that customers know where to look for your latest promotions. 

    Have a look at this web page for more information about the relevance and usage of digital coupon books.

  3. Birthday Marketing
    Birthday marketing efforts are often undervalued, while it can be a quick win for any business. Once you have set up your birthday marketing automation at Coupontools, you can sit back and relax while your congratulating messages land in your customers' inbox on their birth dates. In fact, most people love it when their favorite brand remembers their birthday. It creates a personal and emotional connection between brand and recipient. Something precious in terms of customer loyalty and engagement.

    How does it work?
    Simple. Capture people's birth dates and list them in a database. You can either use our in-house automation tool to transfer the data to your SMS contact list or import a ready-to-use CSV file with all details. Now you only need to customize the message, add a coupon, and put the automation in place. The automation checks the birthdates daily and sends them out automatically. Have a look at the webpage for more information!
  4. Customer Care Digital Compensation Voucher to turn a sad customer into a happy customer.
    Eliminating customer complaints is nearly inevitable. How you deal with complaints is more valuable and opens a lot of doors. You should be grateful when people reach out to you with complaints. Why? It allows you to make things right and helps you eliminate that the other customers experience the same problem. 

    How can you do it?
    Listen to what the affected customer has to tell and be comprehensive about the situation. Then, take the blame and suggest a relevant solution to make it right. For example, provide the affected a gift voucher with a representative worth depending on the severeness of the complaint. The customer will appreciate the gesture and might even tell it in their social circles. That's how you turn a negative customer experience into a positive customer experience while also boosting word of mouth.

Navigate to this web page for more information about customer care.

Sounds great, digital customer care. But you don’t know where to start? Have a look at how KFC and McDonald’s are using Coupontools to do this.


Conclusion: Marketing campaign ideas
Nowadays, marketing is more important than ever before. Don’t let this crisis decrease your brand awareness. You will regret not making marketing efforts. Are you curious how Coupontools can support you with this? Check out our website and find out!

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Coupontools Digital Loyalty Card, Spin Wheel Coupon, and Digital Payment Voucher in a smartphone. Coupontools Digital Loyalty Card, Spin Wheel Coupon, and Digital Payment Voucher in a smartphone.

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Marketing campaign ideas
Marketing campaign ideas
Marketing campaign ideas
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